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Enterprise Integration Services

We believe the main goal of Enterprise Integration is to ensure that the right people, systems, and processes have the right information at the right time. Our Enterprise Integration services, include:

Our long-standing support of eBusiness projects for the DoD, their trading partners, and other commercial enterprises uniquely enables us to deliver robust, cost-effective solutions that meet your critical business needs. more »

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Supply Chain Management Services

SCM deals with managing and continually improving a network of interconnected business processes tasked with the delivery of products and services demanded by end customers. We provide a number of SCM services, including:

Our staff has extensive experience with designing, building and maintaining both government and commercial processes and systems. more »

Consulting Services

Many times, standard, off-the-shelf solutions simply do not meet the unique business and operational challenges faced by today's organizations. We offer a number of Consuling services, including:

Our knowledgeable and professional staff is experienced in a number of key business, operations, and technology areas. We are ready to add value to help solve your real world problems. more »