Hosted Services

RDSI’s provides a secure, redundant, easy to use solution for vendors who need to send and receive traditional EDI. By leveraging the advantages of a community infrastructure the ecedigateway is a cost effective alternative to expensive proprietary solutions that sometimes require significant internal resources and years to implement.

  • EC/EDI Gateway
  • Web Presence Hosting

Our hosted services are:

  • AFFORDABLE Provides reliable low-cost Internet Value Added Network (VAN) service to small and medium sized vendors who need to send and receive electronically formatted transactions.
  • SECURE Provides a secure portal for you electronic commerce needs. User Authentication and Virtual Private Network (VPN) software ensures that the only person that sees your data is you.
  • EASY TO USE Documents are stored electronically, and don't need to be copied, faxed, or mailed. They can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Responses can be sent immediately, instead of waiting on data to be re-keyed. No special forms are needed. It's just point, click, and send.
Custom Hosted Services

Rainbow Data Systems will work with you to provide a custom solution that will meet the needs of your Electronic Commerce infrastructure. From a simple data bridge to a complete EDI Sub-system our engineers will provide an "any-to-any" solution that fits seamlessly into your existing architecture.

RDSI develops and hosts the web presence for commercial activities. Contact for more information on our hosting services and rates.


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