Data Conversion

Web Applications & Services

RDSI supports a wide range of network applications accessible from web browsers (Web Applications) and network services designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction (Web Services).

RDSI provides server-based capabilities, to include web hosting services, utilizing numerous programming and operating languages, multiple tool-sets and procedures, supporting a variety of transaction formats, security services and communications protocols. RDSI personnel have extensive programming capabilities for both local server and web based capabilities. RDSI has designed, developed, operates, and maintains a centralized value-added suite of online server and web-based 508 compliant Automated Information Systems (AISs) designed for the initial submission, status response, materiel movement, delivery, receipt, pipeline response time reporting and receipt discrepancy reporting of logistics "lifecycle" data. RDSI brings a powerful combination of eBusiness solutions and industry expertise to help companies address the challenges they face in accomplishing these objectives.

  • Web-based Application Integration
  • DoD & Commercial Vendor Integration
  • Value-Added Capabilities
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These web-based efforts empower the users, and assist in the minimization of resources to support these services and applications. RDSI has integrated data from external and internal sources to assist the customer with end-to-end ‘life cycle’ tracking. RDSI integrated individual data element ‘help’ information to assist the customer in understanding the meaning of the data portrayed. RDSI designed and developed a web-based application-to-application data sharing capability, its connections and interfaces, and currently maintains and modifies the entire environment. Additionally, RDSI developed processes provide system-to-system supply chain related data.

We provide web-based services that support the "life cycle" of a transaction, from initial submission, status response, materiel movement, receipt, and discrepancy reporting. RDSI supports a wide range of eBusiness capabilities utilizing numerous programming and operating languages. We support a diverse customer base, including DOD, Federal and Commercial activities. We have ‘in depth’ knowledge of and are highly capable in the utilization of numerous transaction formats, communications protocols and encryption methods.

Our knowledge of the DOD logistics pipeline, associated lifecycle transactions, from acquisition to disposal, and the development and integration of web-based applications is our forte. Our knowledge, skills and abilities play directly into supporting the DOD and commercial logistics supply chain.

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